Monday, July 23, 2012

MIMM: Am I 25 or 16?

What's happened to me?

I act like a 16 year old teenager at work.

I giggle a lot.

I wear red Vans because my friend Peter convinced me. We match now.
At least my capris are from Anthropologie by way of Goodwill.

I'm all about guys. When did this happen? Probably because I work at a venue for couples.

I like to see how people couple up. Sometimes I have a skill of guessing your girlfriend. I totally guessed the chocolatier's girlfriend was a hippie.

Sadly, work makes me, the skeptic, wonder when I'll find someone.

Listening to Joy the Baker podcast on flirting. Just be me. Wait, what's that?

We found a photo booth strip on the floor and wrote "Hey, I saw you... I never do this... Give me a call." We wrote a real number, not ours, and have it ready for our my favorite work eye candy. We forgot it and he didn't come back to get it. We're evil and like I said, teenagers. Is this flirting?

I love acting 16 but I feel guilty about it. Let's be real about it: I'm 25.

But, I can still make friendship bracelets and such. I made this one for my cousin.

In other news, someone at work got canned. Totally unexpected. Don't be late or talk behind your boss's back. Yikes.

Work is clearly marvelous. What else is marvelous? Monday. Reflection day. Day off.

I started my morning late. I slept in till 10:30 to make up for only 5 hours of sleep the other night.  My breakfast: chia waffle + 1 egg + 1 egg white.

Then lazed around doing some Tone It Up! videos.
I killed them all and got a little sweat.

I'm still trying to get the insane following. Maybe if I understood the nutrition plan 'cause I'm not buying it for $150.

Though they are gorgeous. Gah, who's jealous? Me.

TurboKicking it tonight with a new instructor recommended by a friend.

How old do you feel and act?
Anyone a TIU fan with suggestions? I browse and am fascinated by their site, but I don't know where to start!


  1. I love tone it up!!!! I would totally splurge for the nutrition plan if you can!!! It's really great and it lasts for a lifetime! It's a great place to start! You can also join the community on their website!

    1. I joined! I'm still learning to navigate it.

  2. I'm a fan of blogilates personally. Her videos are fun.
    I'm 23, but I feel like (and get told that) sometimes I act a lot older.

    1. I like her too. Haha, I'm on the other end!

  3. I do not think there is anything wrong with acting a little younger sometimes. I think if we get so focused on what we should be doing because we our at a certain age you could miss out on so many fun things.I have used TIU workouts and I like them. They are good when I need to change it up. Like Danielle said I recommend joining the community because that can help get a lot of questions answered.