Tuesday, July 10, 2012

WIAW: "It's your birthday chick"

 9 A.M. yoga apparently is too early for the morning after a birthday. Lesson learned.

Oh yeah, don't forget to ENTER MY BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY!

My birthday started off like a normal Monday with TurboKick. My instructor-friend brought me a present and included a song with the lines "It's your birthday chick."

I immediately put in the CD and did learn a few new to-do list dos. I'll share later.

My breakfast, that I ate before and after class, because it was very filling. Great #powermeal from Powercakes.

I added a green juice in for snack before heading over to see my aunt.

Oh yes, I even had work. Just for 4 hours though.

Lunch at Bristol Farms: seafood salad with Cabo chips and 2 bottles of Bai.

After work, I was having my shrimp rolls for dinner and my mom surprised me with a mini fruit tart. The fruit was good (duh). The tart underneath had a pie crust but a cake "filling."

My cousins make me a card.

For the finale, I met up with my friend Peter and some old high school buddies. I've known Peter since first grade, and he'll probably have to don a dress for my wedding. :)

We headed to Goat Hill Tavern. He told me about the place, and I was pleasantly surprised. Lots of people on a Monday night.

One of the guys spotted another person from high school. At first, the rest of us couldn't place him until we realized Peter and I had known the guy since elementary school. The crazy part was that he remembered us quickly. Of course shots were had to celebrate this.

All together, I had 3 shots of whiskey and a beer before gettting guac and chips to sober us up. Sleep was easy last night.

I work today 11-8 and will likely be moving things. Let me be upfront and just say a workout isn't happening today. Last time I went to work (pre-big event), I was exhausted from hoping in and out of cabinets. I can't wait until we are done setting up (Thursday).

Okay so it's decided: working isn't quite a workout. I sweat but not to the extent I would normally. However, the hour or so that we do spend working out is just a small portion of the day. A strenuous job aside, I try to find other ways to stay active on days off.
  • Hiking or walking with a Meetup group
  • At home yoga videos
  • Walking to the store or gym
  • Getting an awesome treadmill desk - my dream!
  • Squatting when reading because I can't walk and read a book :)
How do you get more activity in?
What activities do you look forward to during the summer?


  1. Happy late birthday!!! That powercake looks so good and so pretty! Hope you had a great birthday!

  2. Happy B-Day.

    In the summer I look forward to swimming and being able to sit out in the sunshine without a coat!