Thursday, May 31, 2012

3 on Thursday: My family thinks I'm weird...

3 on Thursday

What 3 foods do you eat that are weird? What foods do you eat that other people would think are strange?

I think I eat pretty normal foods according to bloggers' standards, but my family thinks I eat the wackiest things and don't eat normal foods like rice. 

What my family thinks is weird...
1. Plain Fage 0% yogurt
2. Goat cheese
3. Canned sardines
4. Lamb

Usually it's more of the combination of foods I eat than the actual food I eat.

What you may think is weird...
4 Jackfruit. I love this stuff.

I also have weird eating habits that you all may find normal. I dip in to the PB jar a lot and I eat the bottom pieces of bags of granola FIRST. I like saving the clusters for later.

Do you and your family have similar eating habits? My friend Sara and her family have a fridge stocked with food I could eat too. My family has strange Asian preserves sometimes.

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