Friday, May 4, 2012

Peace: Kids, Bikram, pizza, & PB Crave

I woke up way early at 6 A.M. then got an hour more before I decided to maybe do something. That didn't happen. My cousin talked my ear off for an hour before I went back to bed.

The weather was a bit gloomy at 10:30, but by the time I got to work just 30 minutes later, it was hot. The gloom would've been fine by me for once since I planned on going to Bikram.

Last time I went to Bikram yoga was over a year ago when it was snowy and cold in Asheville.

I like this life-related quote from him more:
"Nothing can steal happiness, peace away from you: if anyone does make you angry, you are the loser; if someone can allow you to lose peace, you are the loser."

It ended up getting windy and cold afterwards, which was perfect to cool me down.

I grabbed my yoga mat, mat towel, sippy water cup since my aluminum bottle gets hot, and wore a brand new shirt that was super thin and breathable.

Post-workout look. The heat and sweat in Bikram also reminds me of summer. My tan is coming back and with the glistening sweat, my muscles are showing through... under the fat of course.

The actual class went by pretty fast at first. I started to really feel the heat when we got down to the mat. I was surprised by the moves I could do and the moves I couldn't. I had a hard time, for example, with  Supta-Vajrasana, or fixed firm pose. I've never had trouble with it before.

However, I did better than I thought I would with toe stand. My balance was also pretty good.

I had egg white oats for breakfast (made last night), a Shakeology for lunch to keep my stomach light, and a pre-Bikram goat's milk yogurt. (The yogurt was runny. Not sure if it was because I had it at higher than room temp.)
I ate some frozen mango chunks and a slice of ZBQ pizza from zpizza. I wanted real food!

Along with a smoothie fail. I intended on adding mango chunks but I ate those and wanted to use coconut water but the fridge was too cold and froze it!

My PB Crave finally arrived. They shipped it out quickly, but Fedex has been SLOW. :( These are so good and really sweet. Everyone is bananas over Cookie Nookie. The Co Co Bananas needs extra stir time. But honestly, my favorite thus far is the loaded Razzle Dazzle. There's white chocolate chips and dark chocolate swirls! Yummm.

Tomorrow's a crazy day!
  • TurboKick
  • Pick up race packet for Sunday
  • Go to L.A. for a little fun first
  • Pick up dad 


  1. Happy weekend! Hope you have a great one! :) Glad you had a great workout! That pizza looks delish. And oh my gosh, I want that PB!! :D

    1. I could eat pizza everyday! Have a great weekend Shannon!