Saturday, May 19, 2012

Festivities in Santa Monica

This week is dad's last week in California. :(

So studying and reading have been put on the back burner, but it's back to real life soon. All my books are overdue and I really need to take that one test to become a teacher in this great state.

I did apply for some summer jobs and exercise this past week. I also enjoyed the lovely outdoors with lots and lots of walking.

Today, we conquered Santa Monica. I was supposed to work and was bummed I'd miss the Santa Monica Festival, but I got a text early in the morning telling me I was off!

We started downtown and at the beach for an hour before finding the location of the festival. It was rather disappointing - much smaller than I expected.

Mid-day snack at the festival: Sqirl LA strawberry jam on Proof Bakery bread

We got lots of walking in before I got really hungry... for Huckleberry. Intially I just wanted meatballs but chose the warm meatball sandwich.

Expensivo especially with a banana poppyseed poundcake slice and donut for dad. The donut was particularly special because it was mentioned several times in "Bones." The last one I had there was quite delicious, but I didn't purchase this one till later in the day so it was not as fresh.

Afterwards, we went to Marshall's. Okay, dad went and I chilled in the car eating my late lunch/early dinner/only meal besides a chocolate Shakeology and #smoothieaday I made before and after, respectively, TurboKick.

As for tonight, I am in love with "The Finder" and watched its series finale(?). It's so goofy. FOX just cancelled the show. :/
Since I haven't been reading, I'm going to cheat and just listen to Fifty Shades of Grey. I never finished Mockingjay and have to return it on Monday. :(

Have you seen "The Finder?" What do you think?
What show did you love but got cancelled?

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