Thursday, May 3, 2012

3 on Thursday: Guilty pleasures

3 on Thursday 
What are your 3 guilty pleasures?

1. Sleeping in. Some weeks I sleep in and workout in the evening. It kind of sucks though because there are too many hours for excuses and tiredness between waking up and working out.

2. Ugly pajamas. I wear mumus or pajama sets with cowboys on them.

3. Workout clothes. You knew this was coming! I just bought a shirt to go to Bikram in tomorrow. It's such a motivator. I also bought sneakers this week though those are the best purchase in a long long time. They feel so good and I may need a pair for day to day wear.


What are your guilty pleasures? 


  1. SLeeping in, coffee and Say Yes to the Dress.

    *shame* :P

  2. I have never seen "Say Yes to the Dress!" I rarely watch TV anymore unless it's online.