Sunday, May 13, 2012

Fueled by tea, shoes, & sugar!

Yesterday was fueled by a homemade Arnold Palmer: cold brewed tea with lemonade.

Perfect refresher for the day. I started with an 8 A.M. TurboKick class to no music. The stereo at the club was broken and instead of waiting, we just went. That's a testament to how great our instructor is - she cued everything perfectly. It was fun to sing and yell (required), and I concentrated on my moves more.

I took my aunts out for dim sum. We eat so little! I had one pork dumpling, 2 shrimp dumplings, and 1.5 pineapple buns.

I burned off my food at work. Lots of people buying clothes for their moms.

I got carried away with a pair of Tom's. I always wanted a pair but only got them (impulsively) when I saw artists painting on them for Style Your Sole.

I quickly asked for boxing gloves and cupcakes. In restrospect, I wish I would have added yoga poses and dumbbells instead of those cupcakes. Oh well...

 I worked up an appetite: pizza (Mother's) and low carb chocolate mint froyo (Icicles).

Afterwards, I went shopping for my foodie penpal and bought a PB&J cupcake from SusieCakes. I ate half and saved the rest for today.

I started today off early with Bikram then Van's lite waffles with egg, cheese, and ham, the other half of the above cupcake, and a protein shake.

Everyone is out so I get some downtime to rest before work.


  1. That chocolate Icecream looks really good!
    If it's icecream...

    1. Low carb frozen yogurt! Best thing ever! It has 8 cals per ounce and 2 grams of carbs.

  2. My dad LOVES arnold palmers!! :)

    I want some lo carb fro yo!

    1. I remember getting them in a carton when I was growing up! And Arizona tea makes them too.

      It's so hard to find this froyo. Only the 2nd place I've ever seen them and on totally opposite coasts!