Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Yellow and/or green (Pinteresting Wednesday)

I used to share on Sundays, but now I've found buddies to link up with on Wednesdays!


Only time I'm okay with all white.

Except the 'punk' pillow.
Source: page2rss.com via Julie on Pinterest

Yellow and lime green done right.

Muted colors with a splash of minty green is my fave.

Yellow on clothing.

Yellow shoes.

Mint green is still my favorite.

Arms are the new focus.

Source: skinnyms.com via Julie on Pinterest

Not a fan of brownies, but can't deny peanut butter and fleur de sel.

A little healthy white eggs: eggs, goat cheese, and pesto sandwich


  1. I love pinterest!! I haven't been on in a while due to my crazy hectic life. That sandwich looks so yummy :)

    1. I always have eggs & goat cheese, but sadly I never have pesto.