Monday, May 21, 2012

Better than yesterday: work & packages!

Yesterday was a doozy and I never use that word. I was all ready for yoga at lululemon when... I found a nail in my tire. Of course, it wasn't just ANY nail. It had to be a big, long one that was on the EDGE. On a Sunday. I didn't want to deal with it today so I got it fixed. 3 tires changed this week! The man at the tire place tried to cheer me up: "At least it wasn't one of the new tires." Thanks dude.

We ran errands and I had lunch at The Iron Press. The service was slow, the waffle maker kept burning waffles, and the space was long and narrow. Not great. The food was okay. I chose the tilapia even though fried chicken is king. I ate all the fish and half the waffles.

Right now, they can't beat Bruxie's, who just opened a new location in south county.

Afterwards, I was wiped out and decided to take a 2 hour nap instead. It was HOT.

I headed to chill with my cousins, eat popcorn, and watch "Dodgeball" and "Contraband." Two completely different but awesome movies. I have never seen all of "Dodgeball" and I love Marky Mark as an actor - "Shooter" is one of my favorite movies.

In the morning, I headed to TurboKick. I've been having good kickboxing classes lately and I'm sure the New Balances are a big help. That and a much heartier appetite.

Pre-workout Shakeology and post-workout brunch: Amy's Indian Samosa Wrap over mixed greens.


 I've been so into this combo that I bought a few other burritos. :)

My dinner was the same as yesterday: shirataki noodles with 1/2 can of salmon and spaghetti sauce. So good and warm. Plus some shared Cabo chips.

...and post-work low carb (8 cals per ounce) chocolate mint froyo with a little PB too.

I ended the day on a happy note in terms of work.
  • One of my students asked me if I was coming back next year. I hope so!
  • I was fought over by 2 students who needed help in U.S. history. I still remember some things from my major! Hah.
  • I did a one-on-one English lesson.
  • I converted the secret shopper at my PM job into a customer!
I came home to not ONE but TWO packages! The first one: SPIGEN SGP Modello iPhone case. It's made of a soft rubbery material. I've never seen this design and I chose tangerine over green this time.

In the same package was the Speck Candyshell case in white/pink. There was tons of color choices but this was the cheapest and best combo.

My family members voted for this one so it's on the phone right now.

I also ordered my dad a new battery cover for his phone/my old myTouch that came earlier in the week.

My second package was from my Foodie Penpal. You'll have to wait till the end of the month to hear about that though.

Another item I got in the mail for kicks: Goodnight Bunion. I finally figured out how to use it. Most articles I've read say bunions are irreversible. I'm just hoping for relief and to stunt the eventual grossness since it's not very bad yet.

Onto something more delectable that I want to order: Reginald's Homemade nut butters. I just saw this on PB Fingers and am intrigued especially by the cheap prices!

Off to bed. My students are testing tomorrow so I work early. Note to self: don't forget to buy maple bars for Moose - I already got the chocolate milk he wanted.

What do you buy most online? I buy nut butter a lot and all of my phone covers thus far. And vitamins, which I always forget to take!


  1. I buy mostly food items where is a little strange lol. Like lots of nut butters, and Oatmeal.

    1. What kind of oatmeal do you buy online?

  2. I don't think anywhere will ever be able to beat Bruxie in the waffle sandwich category. Its just all kinds of fantastic.