Friday, May 18, 2012

Tourist at home

#smoothieaday made this morning with mangoes and banana. I need to pick a different fruit once my bag of frozen mangoes is finito.

First stop on Friday playing hooky: Balboa Island. We walked around the residential area then took the ferry to the Peninsula. $3 is expensive especially since you can drive there... :/

Second stop: Newport Pier.

Lots of surfers, or waders.

And oh my gosh, check out who showed up at the end of the pier and then kept swimming around. It's fascinating to see a California sea lion in the wild and not in a zoo. It made noises - I'll upload the video later. I was in total awe and want to see more animals now.

I really wanted to go to Downtown Disney. I don't know why since we just walked around for 45 minutes and bought nothing. I wanted beignets, but they were so expensive.

Maybe because nearby (or 6.5 miles away) is Pie-ology, a build your own pizza restaurant. Genius idea. I chose red sauce, mozzarella, sausage, artichokes, and pineapple. No matter how many toppings you choose, it's still $7.50. 

I ate 1/4 there and another 1/4 before Bikram... 

Needless to say, Bikram didn't happen. Instead, my cousins and I shot around a basketball for more than an hour. I made it a point to run around extra hard.

Dinner after going to the store with mom: Amy's gluten free teriyaki burrito over mixed greens.

Return of the apple though this one was not very good. :/

I need rest now. I've been working hard and staying up too late. I wish I had the day off tomorrow to go to the Santa Monica Festival. I have to find other ideas for tomorrow and my day off on Sunday.


  1. You did all of that in 1 day?! yummy smoothie-)

    1. Yes! I only spent about an hour in each place though... hah

  2. pie-ology sounds wonderful! now i want beignets too...

    1. I didn't get them yet! I'm totally getting some tomorrow. My kids are getting donuts, but I'd rather waste my calories on beignets.