Thursday, May 24, 2012

3 on Thursday: Never will I ever

3 on Thursday

What are 3 things you would never do?

1. I will never wear CAMOUFLAGE. Unless I'm in the military of course or pretending to be.

2. Speaking of things I will not wear, I will never wear DANSKOS. OR CROCS. OR UGGS. Danskos are popular teacher shoes and no matter how comfortable either of them are, no thanks.

3. Get PLASTIC SURGERY for vanity. I have stretch marks and love them.

BONUS! 4. I will never eat WHITE RICE. I don't like rice to begin with. Yes, I grew up with rice and all my family members eat it at least once a day but not me!

12 hours out today and I'm glad to be home just chillin'.
  • Last day of testing and some basketball playing/tennis ball throwing with the kids. 
  • 1 hour nap time
  • Slow day at my night job and we got out late. My schedule always says 7:30 and I always work till 8. :/
Your turn
What will you never eat?
What will you never wear? I'm obsessed with shoes and bags apparently. I won't carry a Vera Bradley bag either. 


  1. i'll never eat rice, either! i reject my mexican and japanese heritage and i HATE rice! my mom used to force it on me and i'd literally gag it down!

    1. I can eat quinoa and brown rice once in a while. Like with sushi.

    2. Part of it must be that as a kid, we HAD to finish our rice.

  2. I always said I would never wear crocs. But I assure you when you feet hurt so bad you want to cry.. ALL day.. You will wear whatever helps even a little. ;)

    1. I've had foot problems and the only shoes that have been okay have been New Balances. There are definitely alternatives! :)