Tuesday, May 29, 2012

WIAW: Couponing & Cravings

Words cannot explain how bloated I've been the last couple of days. :/ Sometimes this happens. It hurts and I just have to deal with a not-so-great body image.

I found and ate some great food though so I'll just take a nap and hope my belly disappears tomorrow.

Check out what I found at Sprouts: Love Grown granola. I finally get to use my coupons!

I love the Nut Thins, but these were on sale and I had a coupon!

Something else on sale: Vega Sport protein bar. The regular price put me off.

I convinced my mom to buy us beignets from Lynda Sandwich to share with my family.

At night, I took time to paint my nails. The nail polish (Wet N Wild's wet cement) was only 99 cents at Walgreens and comes with the coveted flat brush! I didn't apply a top coat as usual.

Today's breakfast was a low carb wrap with hardboiled egg whites (+ a yolk), 1/2 avocado, & lettuce.

I made quinoa with shrimp for lunch and Only 8 froyo from CdM Yogurt to finish (cake batter & chocolate fudge flavors).

My dinner was dismal: just 1/2 container of canned chicken with steamed broc. I added a half order of sweet potato fries from The Veggie Grill.

After deleting MyFitnessPal, I was still hesitant about eating foods I love, primarily frozen yogurt and sweet potato fries. I've been craving them lately and yes, gone crazy over it. Thankfully, the froyo is the Only 8 brand!


  1. Fro-yo and sweet potato fries?! Sounds like an awesome day to me!

  2. Beignets and sweet potato fries, two of my favorite treat foods!

  3. Hi- stopping by from WIAW...sweet potato fries...sound so good right now! I just got gold nailpolish...can't wait to try it, like the grey too!

    1. Thanks! Alexia makes a spicy sweet potato fry bag that you can bake in the oven. Pretty good and seems healthier.

  4. Okay, I've been looking for Love Grown for ages! Is that the Sprouts on Brookhurst and Adams?! I cant take the suspense of not knowing what it tastes like anymore!