Thursday, May 3, 2012

May goals & current workout routine


April goals
  • Finish Catching Fire and Hot, Flat, & Crowded. Read two other books (In A Sunburned Country & At Home).
  • Study more and get to chapter 8!
  • Finish the LiveFit Trainer. I'll post the review soon. I know, I'm taking my sweet time. I didn't finish the last phase because of knee/back problems... and boredom.
  • Go to yoga once each week.
  • Taste of Long Beach
  • The Color Run!
  • Sleep in more.
  • Bike with others.
  • Visit LA and go to The Donut Man, Huntington Library, Porto's Bakery, Urth Caffe, and Milo & Olive/Huckleberry because I like food and libraries?
  • Go hiking.
  • Figure out how to save $.
  • Buy cake mix and make those cake mix/batter recipes!
  • Look for summer positions. I applied to 3 positions at the O.C. Fair and am planning on applying to Equinox, which I never did admittedly, and YogaWorks' front desk.
And for May...
  • Finish Mockingjay and 2 other books.
  • Study to chapter 8 this month!
  • Run the Cinco de Mayo Reaching for the Cure 5K for the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation.
  • Go to 2+ Meetup events.
  • Use that Bikram Groupon. I looked up the series and tried to see if I was still capable. One of my Bikram goals: get toe stand again!
  • Use my chiropractor/massage Groupon.
  • Sign up for a Tspoons class to use up that Groupon. Suggestions??! I can't pick one! 
My big thing this month: really go to yoga once a week!

I saw that Clare posted her new workout routine post-LiveFit Trainer. I've done that too. It looks weird...

My week will consist of 2 days of pure cardio, 1 circuit, 1 weights, 1 yoga, 1 run, and 1 rest. I'll check off which I've done and see what I have left to do. It takes the guess work out.

For today, I only had 4 left to choose from: weights, yoga, TurboKick, or run. I love my Saturday morning TurboKick class and run the Cinco de Mayo 5K on Sunday. I chose a weight routine based on the LiveFit Trainer's At Home Pull Day. I liked that it incorporated many muscle groups. I added a run to and from the gym for a total of 2.2 miles.

...which leaves Bikram for tomorrow. I don't work in the afternoon/night so I'll go after my morning job. I'm nervous - I tested out the poses on Tuesday and bought a new tank top to wear!

A co-worker asked me about May Day today. What do you know about May Day? Is it about May Day baskets placed on someone's doorstep, or is it International Worker's Day?
What does your workout routine look like? 


  1. My husband does the Spartacus workout!! At the gym at work he leads a bunch of friends through it! I'm going to be doing it today with him! I'm nervous!!!