Thursday, April 12, 2012

Workout hard, drink hard (LiveFit Days 58 & 59)

I started yesterday off with a workout. I was kind of excited for sprints and they weren't too bad actually. Okay, I even liked it! It was rather easy - 8 mph isn't too hard.

Phase 3 goes back to less sets with more reps so I'm not concerned with upping my weights.

This workout took me TWO HOURS! I had time though and it was good to work, sweat, and tune out the world. :)

After I got back, I took my family out for happy hour sushi at Kabuki. I chose the Alaskan roll.

Immediately afterwards, my cousin and I headed to Slater's 50/50 to meet up with his co-workers. Since I ate, I decided to drink. I started with Delirium Tremens, a 8.5% Belgian.

My second beer was the New Belgium Trippel.

I liked both of them. And clearly, I was a little tipsy cause I was chatty. Okay, I was chatty even before the beer. It just happens when I meet new people.

I ended up sharing a turkey burger with goat cheese and grilled bell peppers but skipped the bread.

Everyone else ended their night, but Sara and I went to Lazy Dog Cafe for sangrias and spicy edamame. So spicy we couldn't finish it.

In the morning, we biked 15+ miles round trip to adorable downtown Seal Beach and by Leisure World, a retirement community with mid-century roots and architecture. My quads will hate me later.

Staying with friends make me a little more adventurous in my food choices. She had Chobani blueberry for breakfast and pasta with salmon for lunch. Yes, I had pasta. I haven't had a real bowl of pasta in years.

We chatted and decided to go on a trip in June...

Austin! Her sister lives there and we both have a friend or two there as well! I AM SO EXCITED.

I thought I had work. I did not so I fueled up for a workout (Z Clif Bar!).

Phase 3 workouts have more bodyweight exercises as well. After 20 minutes of sprints, my right side starting to cramp big time. I decided that a 15 mile bike ride this morning was a good excuse for less today.

While I was out, I  grabbed another movie from MovieQ. I can't wait to see this - good looking cast.

How do you act when you meet new people?
What type of beers do you enjoy? The people I met didn't like my beers much but enjoyed Shock Tops.

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