Friday, April 13, 2012

April shower trip planning

Today looks like...

...and therefore, a slow day at work. The rain sounds strange; it's coming in intervals.

Actually, today has been slow despite the rain. Trying to finish Catching Fire before I must return it kept me up last night. I woke up late, feeling pain in my legs and rib cage. Good pain and I shouldn't skip a day, but I've worked out many, many days in a row (almost 2 weeks!).

I drank tons of water and ate another Power Pumpkin Roll. Not as sightly today but oh so good. And then strawberries.

So far my day has consisted of listening to Catching Fire and planning trips!

I haven't mentioned this yet, but the day before The Color Run, I'm going to the Blogilates' POP Pilates meet up in Los Angeles.

Every time I go to L.A., I try a couple of new restaurants. This time around, I plan to go to Huckleberry after it was recommended by Joy the Baker and Porto's Bakery.

The next weekend, I will be in San Diego to see Averie and other bloggers at the Food Blogger Bake Sale

I would like to make more use of this day. The two times I visited San Diego has been rainy. This time around, I'll enjoy the beaches, go to a yoga class, and eat at Cups.

Clearly, I haven't planned it all out so I'd love some help.

Do you have suggestions for things to do/places to eat in San Diego, Los Angeles, and Austin?

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