Saturday, April 7, 2012

Tofu me (LiveFit Day 54)

Hot day. This was just the tip of it.

I had a $5 for $10 Groupon for Seabirds Truck. They were at the SoCo's Farmer's Market and announced an organic breakfast special: vegan biscuit made with coconut oil, tempeh-mushroom gravy, and tofu eggs.

I got their sweet potato fries and was so delighted. Best sweet potato fries I've ever had. Last time I had sweet potato fries was at Loving Hut Vegan and they were terrible!

I was called into work to go through our new shipment of 25 boxes. Yikes. I maybe went through 7 by myself in 4 hours.

I treated myself to Icicles' frozen yogurt to cool down. I got their low carb tiramisu but barely touched it. It's not as good as their low carb mint chocolate. I also got a squirt each out of peanut butter (best PB I've had), cookies & cream, and cheesecake. I skipped the PB though because I was in a cookies & cream and cheesecake mood.

I needed actually food too. I ended up eating the 2 pieces of leftover tandoori tofu and 1/2 this sweet potato.

A nap later, I drank Sunwarrior with water (not bad) and had 1/2 a frozen banana before the gym. I love the gym on Saturday nights. Barely anyone is there, usually only dudes lifting.

I went light, keeping this article in mind. Though I definitely have gnarly calluses. I ended with a 1/2 mile run at 7.0 mph before leaving. I thought of 12 Reasons You're Not Losing Fat.

*There are so many ideas out there. As I'm getting more into lifting, I've found some of my beliefs overturned... though I continue to question and pick and choose what works.

I grabbed a couple of movies: "Toast" and "Drowning Mona" for tonight and tomorrow.


It's late, I know, but I've been staying up late and sleeping in so dinner was another tilapia taco. I love the tortillas and found that heating it up doesn't take from the taste.

With a side of 1/2 cup fat free cottage cheese. Straight up.

By the way, Happy Easter! I hunted for eggs in our store's stock room and got $2, a Cadbury cream egg, and a Lindt chocolate bunny. I put the egg in the fridge (tastes better that way) and gave my cousin the chocolate bunny.

P.S. The store at which I work only closes on 3 days: Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. I'm not religious so Easter is always a weird holiday for me.

Do you celebrate Easter? How and what's your favorite part of it?

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