Friday, April 6, 2012

9:08 (LiveFit Day 52)

How many more days will I tell you I slept in? All week except Tuesday when I woke up super early.

I get to today because I don't work this afternoon!

 First of all, it's FRIDAY! Secondly, it's Spring Break 2012!

Though I'm not very exciting and don't have much planned. I have pending plans to do a day in L.A. and a day in San Diego when I'm not working at my other job. More on that later today.

Breakfast yesterday was Peace Love and Oats' egg white oatmeal again. I just love incorporating the egg whites I already eat into my oats. I'm just not creative with the 2 egg whites I eat every morning so putting them into my oats is perfect - my oatmeal becomes more voluminous.

I swung by the grocery store to buy my kiddos some snacks for our last day together (Chex Mix on sale). I spotted these in the sale section for $1.89: Western Bagel Perfect 10.

Look at that protein content!

I love this picture they have on their website

Since I got such a good deal on the bagels, I bought myself Laughing Cow's strawberries and cream spread. I love Laughing Cow but am always hesitant to shell out $3.99. After I thought about the price of my goat cheese, I went with these.

One problem: I have to use these sale bagels quickly. My breakfast this morning involved a bagel, 1/2 banana, and 2 egg whites.

I headed to the gym after work and a quick tuna dinner last night.

I'm starting to like chest days! :) And running! Not a joke. I actually just like running at this particular gym because the mirrors are right in front of the treadmills. I felt like I was racing in a pack.

I ran 20 minutes at 6.5 mph and completed over 2 miles! I ended up improving my time from 10:00 minute to 9:08 minutes thanks to a .5 sprint at the end.

My left foot cramped a little but all is well now and I can't wait to get another 20 minute run in. I know my cardio is supposed to be 30 minutes, but I haven't done a full 20 minute, non-stop run yet. I do a 10 minute warm-up to make up for it.

See you later for Spring Break 2012 plans! What are your spring break plans? Do you have any suggestions for quick trips to San Diego or LA?

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