Saturday, April 21, 2012

Worst thing to eat & POP Pilates Meet Up

Whenever I go to L.A., I have to stop by Babycakes. This is their new Larchmont location.

I chose 2 donut holes (coffee crunch & salted caramel) and a macaroon to take home with me for the weekend.

And gave into a cinnamon roll. I love cinnamon rolls and this looks 10xs better than their Wonder Buns. Good thing I bring these home for my homies and take a bite... of the inside.

I stopped by the huge Downey location of Porto's Bakery and Cafe.

I chose their cheese pie. I took a bite - see it? My cousin ate the rest.

Potato balls. Probably the worst thing to eat EVER. Each one has 440 calories and is just FAT. 

Had I known that, I wouldn't have eaten one. It's good but not that good.

It did feed my hungry family though.

In between, I went to the POP Pilates Meet Up with Blogilates' Cassey Ho. I almost didn't go - I won't go into all that, but while I'm a fan, I'm not a huge follower (I sometimes eat potato balls). I prefer seeing more balanced lifestyles. Anyways, I chatted with a few others who were pretty cool and got down to Pilates.

The first and last few exercises were tough - lots of ab work that KILLED my back. I was all for leg work though. Though the workout was good, I didn't completely feel like I worked out.

Good thing I got some walking in.

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