Monday, April 9, 2012

Walking holiday

In an attempt to sleep less and make it to TurboKick & PiYo, I woke up at 7:45 and had breakfast.

Then I walked to the gym. I was bringing my mat so running was not an option today. I wanted to see how long it would take me to walk - 22 minutes according to Google maps. It appears so much shorter than 1.1 miles that it is.

I listened to Catching Fire and encountered random table cards on the sidewalk.

I haven't been to a TurboKick class in almost 2 weeks! I was antsy and scared for the new round. My knees hurt a little during the workout. My thighs are quite happy for the work though. Though I was sluggish in TurboKick, I enjoyed PiYo. It may be my favorite. PiYo showed off some of the strength I've earned from the LiveFit trainer. I can do actual pushups now by the way. :)

My hungry cousins wanted to meet for lunch. We chose Fortune Cookies so I could easily walk over.

I went to their other location before they opened up this one near us and like their healthy Chinese food.

What is this starter? Gross.

I went with chicken and broccoli and brown rice, which I skipped after a few bites because it was dry.

My cousins dug into sweet & sour chicken...

And orange chicken. I tried both and they were excellent.

Instead of hitching a ride, I decided to walk over to the bank and then to the market for 99 cent strawberries (mmm). My feet are worn out.

I'm glad I got some walking in today because it looks like cloudy skies and rain for the next few.

I keep saying that I'll paint my toes/fingers and grooming my eyebrows but this has yet to happen. Maybe tonight.

Work begins in less than 2 hours. Time to rest and put together some sort of dinner. 


  1. Love the looks of your breakfast! I too returned to work outs this week. Yesterday I did some weight training for arms/chest.....sore today! Like a great sore though :)

    Oh and as for the grooming....totally need the brows/toes groomed myself!!

    1. I like when I get a workout in and am active throughout the day as well. Sometimes, it doesn't seem to happen and I'm just wiped out.