Friday, April 27, 2012

No pictures please.

I got an e-mail with pictures of The Color Run last weekend. I found myself and the pictures were terrible.

I've avoided pictures for a long time now, unless I take them myself. I don't look the same. Since my lowest weight, I've gained 30 pounds and on my 5'3 frame, I look and feel terrible.

These are the repercussions of exercise bulimia and anorexia. My hormones were thrown off, my heart rate slowed way down, and my body aches all the time.

Needless to say, I had a tough night.

I'm working on it. I want to live normally and for my body to function normally. It'll happen soon enough. Just keep feeding even if I gain because in the end, it'll even out. I continue to work out but am now limited sometimes.

I woke up bright and early today at 6:55 A.M. SECOND DAY IN A ROW!

I completed, albeit shakily, Bob Harper's "Total Body Transformation." He says it's the hardest workout ever. It's not. It's not even as hard as his "Cardio Rev Conditioning" video. There is more arm work to it.

P.S. My legs are jello. My arms have gotten much better. This has never been the case. Trade offs...

The weather looks nice. I may walk or do some outdoor activity after work. Then maybe yoga at 6. (That does sound like a lot of pushing myself huh, but it's obvious not all of that will happen.)

In more exciting news, I finally ordered PB Crave and they are the fastest shippers ever. I ordered this the night before (late).


  1. Sorry you feel this way, I know pictures post recovery can always be hard. They were hard for me. What I try to do is focus on what I am doing in the picture. Heck, in yours you are running an amazing race with friends. Hang in there!

  2. Stay strong girl! Always here for ya! Life is TOO beautiful to waste any days with negativity or not loving yourself <3

    AND yay for pb crave!!!!!

  3. You're beautiful! I know that some say skinny tastes better than fat does, but with how fab some food is We know that's a lie! You're beautiful thank you for your sweet comment! The zero cal margarita mix is $5 from World Market, is there one In your area? If not I can totally mail you one if you'd like.