Saturday, April 14, 2012

Alive!, or at least Awake!

Me before 8 AM TurboKick

After TurboKick

TurboKick felt awesome after a good rest day.

Lunch, unpictured, was a big bowl of Miracle Noodles with 1/2 chicken breast, 'shrooms, and pasta sauce.

Making dinner to take to work: tuna with Hak's BBQ sauce

Cheap-o goodies: 50 cents for Clif Z Bars in iced oatmeal cookie (the best), 99 cents for black masala chai-infused chocolate, and 99 cent Cocopotamus chocolate truffles.

Secret package for my friend Liz, which I will have to send Monday.
In the package: belated Easter jelly beans, a Clif Z bar (gotta share!), 1 of my 2 tea-infused chocolates, Barney Butter because it's made with love in California, Perugina Baci chocolates because they're similar to her favorite Ferrero Rocher, and Fred's nesting dolls measuring spoons.

Dressed for work. Don't mind the belly.

I never buy cake mix, but I love local anything. They were sampling Dulcitas' orange spice cake mix at Mother's so I bought it and made it.

And since I went to TurboKick, I decided not to do LiveFit Day 60 yet (I'm over having to keep up constantly with the schedule). Mostly because I didn't want to shower. Instead, I bought a $7 exercise ball.

I will finish LiveFit because I love it and think there's so much to Phase 3 for me. I just wanted some TurboKick today.

Today made me feel...

I was definitely more awake than alive though! Alive would require some sort of crazy adventure. That wasn't today, but I had a good amount of energy.

Do you ever feel obligated to finish something when you're not into it anymore? This happens to me with books. I've learned to let go if I can't seem to read it in... a month!
What workout do you miss when you don't do it often?
Do you buy things on sale and save them?

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