Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dreary beachy morning (Santa Monica & Huckleberry)

Such a dreary day in Santa Monica

Joy the Baker says the owners of Huckleberry (and Milo & Olive) are her inspirations. Saturday brunch was packed.

What should I get?

I spotted a coconutty donut. It had to go home with me. I had 1/4 of the donut before packing it away. My cousin ate the rest when it got home.

And a maple bacon biscuit? I ate a bite of it (less than 1/4) and left the rest to, yes, my cousin.

My entree: green eggs & ham. The ham was like proscuitto. I ate half at 10:30 and the other half in the afternoon at 4:30.

I perused Santa Monica Place and its shops, 3rd Street Promenade, and Santa Monica's Farmer's Market.

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