Monday, April 16, 2012

Sleeping, eating, & exercising machine (LiveFit Day 61)

I still have spring break sleeping habits. I slept super late and woke up a few times last night so it didn't feel like a luxury sleeping in until almost 10.

I didn't even devise a meal for breakfast. I put together 5 slices of turkey, a Laughing Cow strawberries & cream wedge, and two egg whites.

Back to work. Mondays are quick so Tuesdays are actually harder, especially since I work tomorrow.

I was still tired so I came home for a quick nap before the gym.

I ended up spending 2 and a half hours at the gym. First, I completed LiveFit Day 61. The gym was packed and of course there was a guy who obnoxiously counted out loud.

There were a few new moves like the decline crunch and bent arm dumbbell pullover. I did okay. It didn't last as long as it appears.

I did 10 minutes of sprints 30 seconds on and off before TurboKick. Another great class - I exploded out of burpees and did extra jumps.

I was an eating machine. First, Tera's Whey pomegranate-goat protein to get immediate nutrients.

I made tilapia and corn for dinner and yogurt for dessert. My cousin and I shared two containers.

He made guacamole from fresh avocados so we dove into some with hint of jalapeno chips. So good.

Do you get ravenous after a workout or does it take some time for your body to realize it? I eat right away because it's the best time to fuel up. I'm sometimes not very hungry though.
How long is your longest workout? Today was extremely long for me. I didn't intend for it to be, but it's a treat to get Monday nights off and go to this instructor's class.


  1. Right now, my longest work outs have been 2-2.5 hours (that's when I'm out running my long runs... ~8-10 miles currently). In general, my workouts are usually about 1 hour.

    I noticed a new layout! It's so spring. I like it. :)

  2. No new layout, but thanks for the reminder! :)

    Thanks for your input on workouts. My longest run thus far is 3 miles.