Thursday, May 31, 2012

Back for seconds... and thirds!

Bikram, twice this week! It went much better yesterday though. I thought I was ready for toe stand, but my hips are not. One day I will get back to it...

Today I struggled to drive 25 minutes to barre. I dislike waking up earlier to drive there, but I love the studio. My last barre class wasn't impressive. I gave it another try today and it was pretty good. I had to shower after because I actually broke a good sweat!

Third time & third flavor this week.

I like PB strawberry the most and this one the least. I want a box of the PB strawberry but it's $5.99 at Target. :/ 

Afterwards, I headed to do paperwork for my summer gig. I was greeted by a middle/high school friend who is super friendly and kinda hot. Tastes change. We were always on good terms but if he had been there to interview me, like he was supposed to, I would have died of nervousness. 

I stopped by Wicked 'Wiches. I got That Wich with turkey and avocado. Half for yesterday's dinner and half for today's lunch. It's a basic sandwich but delicious.

Then it was off to work. Three days in a row. I'm glad for a few days off and next Tuesday off (traded)!

Cake batter & fudge Only 8 froyo from CdM Yogurt

Night cap. It's a come back!*

*When I first started hanging out with my history family, they would drink at bars that only served beer. I hated beer back then and was glad to have found the Lambic Framboise. I drank it all the time and graduated to other beers, partly because it was expensive and partly because I wanted to try other beer.

What is your favorite beverage? Alcoholic and non-alcoholic? I drink water all the time. My favorite mainstream beer is easily Dos Equis Amber. Sometimes it's not even about the beer, it's about my experiences with the beer. ;)

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