Saturday, May 5, 2012

Weight gains & how to handle it

I tweeted this morning after going to the gym for a ehhh-kind of TurboKick workout. I weighed myself and was pretty much expecting the number on the scale.

I'm at my post-college weight, which was before all the working out. Except now I do all the working out and clean eating.

I gained 15 pounds since being back in California for a total of 35 pounds gained altogether. 

Though for two years, I exercised myself to death and put myself on a starvation diet.

I'm lethargic. My workout today was lagging.

On the upside, I finally have a normal period.

Let's not talk about how much I want to lose as much as how I can make myself less insane and more happy.

The longest break I've had in 2+ years is 2-3 days. When I've relaxed, I've lost weight. For example, 5 pounds dropped easily when I came back to California last year for a week.

What does that mean? With some guidance, I got my period back (woo!) and now that I'm 5 months into recovery, I'm ready to begin the next stage: rest.

I'll continue with yoga, lots and lots of walking, and biking. Lighter, gentler activities. Gone will be the days of hardcore kickboxing or circuit training. Okay, lies. I know I'll need it once a week.

My week will look more like this... eventually.
  • Choice
  • Walk
  • Walk
  • Outdoor activity
  • Yoga 
  • Yoga
  • Yoga
When will I start this? I'm giving myself some time because I can't just go full blown into it. I'll mull over it today.

Please share!
Many of you workout. Do you find an extended rest time beneficial? When do you realize you need to take a break? Has anyone been in my shoes?

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