Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Pinteresting Wednesday: 2012 summer strides

I want to make these now! Or wait for Jasmin's birthday this Sunday!
Source: via Julie on Pinterest

Infused liquors in mason jars? Right up my alley.

Averie, you are a genius! It's super easy!

How I feel about the summer...

Lochte nation
Source: via Julie on Pinterest

How has this summer been better than other summers? This summer is definitely a step up from last summer and possibly the summer before then (2010). Though 2009 was packed with great memories, I am glad I'm where I am now in life.


  1. I saw those thin mints and thought they looked fabulous too!

  2. Those cookie dough pops look awesome! I read her post - apparently some folks worry about eating raw flour. I'd never heard of that before!