Thursday, August 30, 2012

Challenge: Don't nap. Study.

I made myself a challenge today, a couple of challenges. Don't take a nap. Study. And both happened. The midday nap was calling my name and it almost won, but I've been slacking on studying. If I can make time for working out, I can surely make time for studying...

I promised to study review 3 chapters before dinner. After awhile, the note cards start to look ugly.

Studying after a couple years out of college is so hard.

Yesterday's pumpkin "cheesecake" mousse was so fantastic that I made it again for dessert. It's amazing with less than 100 calories and 15 grams of protein.

Afterwards, I packed all my meals for tomorrow.

I work tomorrow night so I made a nori power roll for dinner. With canned tuna no less.

I also made a different breakfast as this pumpkin protein pancakes (below) from today were sub par. I went with a breakfast cookie.

I even had time for 30 minutes of Jillian Michaels' Yoga Meltdown video. I did level 1 and thanks to the heat, I was uncomfortably hot.

I enjoy the rolling side planks the most. Challenging but doable.

This was a perfect add-on to my morning BodyPump class. I woke up early to go and was glad I did. I can't wait to feel the soreness tomorrow. I felt particularly good about the squat and tricep track.
I jumped in the shower to rinse off and have a good 2 hours to watch random shows ("The Mindy Project") and read.

Success in my day. I got so much done!

What's the best way for you to study?
How do you study after you haven't studied for awhile?


  1. The nori roll looks great! I always walk right past the nori thinking "I'll get that next time." Now I definitely have to grab it!:)