Sunday, August 19, 2012

A weekend in August

 Coconut water in a can needed after a back-to-back cardio workout: TurboKick and Zumba.

My feet were in so much pain in Zumba but Jamie's class was too much fun to stop. Yes, you heard it, I found a Zumba class I like. Not sure how sweaty I got since I was already sweaty to begin with.

Favorite summer lunch: shrimp spring rolls. Today, chicken spring rolls. With hoisin sauce diluted with water.

 Instead of the more expensive kombucha, I went with a Diablo yesterday.

Work. :(

I sold this to some rich lady.

Made PB Fingers' almond butter pancakes to try. Ate one, tried to give the rest away. Almond flour made it too dense.

Pretty though.

Instead, I ate what I initially planned to eat: pumpkin pie amaranth porridge.

I made 1/2 the recipe with unsweetened almond milk instead of coconut milk and ate half of it.  I'm saving the rest for tomorrow.

This, surprisingly, was delicious. I added a few coconut flakes and stirred it in. The picture isn't gorgeous but the taste was spectacular. This was my first time using amaranth - it requires soaking overnight and lots of simmering on the stove.

I headed to yoga but no yoga instructor came. Instead, I came home and completed an easy "challenging dumbbell circuit" by Ashley Borden that I saw on Twitter and some stretches - pigeon and a long long dragon pose. Ouch.


We headed to Costco for a bit but only to walk around. I forgot to pick up some new magazines; they had lots of good ones. The early afternoon lull made me sleepy so I took a little nap.

Once I woke, it was too hot to go out so I prepped vegan quinoa and sweet potato chili sans black beans. Oh my goodness, this was delicious!

I needed to get out of the house (without air conditioning). I headed to the supermarket and found a great deal! I've wanted to try this even though it's not the healthiest thing.

After reading about PB Fingers' banana cheesecake smoothie, I picked up some Laughing Cow cream cheese. Sadly, they didn't have the cinnamon flavor, but this will do if I add some cinnamon.

 Dinner: Morningstar Farms' California Turk'y Burger & wedge of Laughing Cow classic cream cheese lettuce wrap

And a movie: "The Hunger Games."

Have you ever cooked with amaranth or some other seeds?
Do you roll out on a foam roller? I'm doing it as I watch the movie.


  1. I love the pigeon and dragon pose,it always feels so goooood to me! I think I'm a little bit crazy for stretch,hehe :D
    I am jealous of that white chocolate Philadelphia you get in the US,we only have a milk chocolate-version here and I am not a fan...

  2. P.S. I just took the time to read your About-page and oh my... Girl,I didn't know you've been through so much already! I'm terribly sorry I didn't read it earlier,really,but I promise to follow you on your way back to health. You can do it; we both can! And if you need someone,I'll be there.