Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Photo An Hour Challenge, almost

I was inspired by Meg to document my day off. Wait, it wasn't my day off though. I just didn't know it.

9 A.M.
Power yoga at the gym. *I'm trying out my new app, Picfx, recommended by Joy the Baker.

10 A.M.
Trip to Whole Foods where I bought kind bars.


11 A.M.
I also stopped by World Market for kicks.

12 P.M.
Hunger striked. I made a chicken salad with pre-made but very salty chicken and Alexia spicy sweet potato fries.

1 P.M.
Watching "American Reunion."

2 P.M.
I got a text at 1:30. Apparently, I worked at 1 today. I packed myself a Chobani Champions and went on my way. Welp, no more #photoaday pictures I guess.

Work work work... and no photos.

5 P.M.
Dinner at Bristol Farms was simple: a little ceviche and Guava Goddess kombucha with the yogurt I brought.

8 P.M.
Off work and grabbed some Only 8 frozen yogurt from CdM Yogurt.

9 P.M.
Realized I've been an idiot for almost a year. I can get my preliminary credential without the freaking CTEL exam. I have some copies to send in but that's it.

Unfortunately, the job I want still requires the CTEL exam. It's THE JOB in my district and in my subject area too. I'm going to apply anyways.

10 P.M.

Working on my resume... it needed a facelift. Anyone want to share theirs with me? Especially if you're a teacher?

11 A.M.
Still working on the resume.

12 A.M.
I'm sleepy. I applied for a random job that pays a lot. It's not my dream job, but hey, it sounds cool.

Would you take a job if you had to leave another job that would eventually get you your dream job? Or something like that...
Or, how did you find your passion and find a job in the field?


  1. Seems Like a great day. A day that includes wholefoods is a great day haha. I think that it is important to take a risk sometimes. Maybe something you never thought about will be your dream job. It is worth a shot. I worked at a dentist for 5 1/2 years and It was never my dream job but it made me consider it for a time. I realized i hate blood haha but otherwise I would love to have been a dentist. But I never thought about it before until I worked there.
    My passions is law so I started being a intern for free one day a week because with my job at the time that was all I had. Then I eventually was offered a job there.

    1. It's what comes up right? Who knows... let's see if I even get a call back.

    2. Yep it is. And stay positive! I really do believe that if you stay positive things go your way.

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