Wednesday, August 1, 2012

$11 ice cream

I feel so productive. Okay, I slept in and instead of going to Hot Ra (condensed Bikram), I went to Yogalates.

I had the urge to get strong and sore. Well, it didn't quite happen. We did more yoga than Pilates. Though I love yoga more, Yogalates is my only chance to do Pilates. :( Still felt good about today's workout though.

First up, breakfast. I've been going to sleep a little hungry and waking up hungry. I hear that's a good thing.

I made Perfect Fit pancakes with Sunwarrior protein instead. Perfect Fit Protein is a protein developed by the Tone It Up girls and is similar to Sunwarrior anyways. I picked the apple pie pancake; it was extremely filling.

I used packets of Stevia I hoarded from a restaurant for both the pancake and the Greek yogurt + cinnamon + stevia frosting. It was more like a scramble...

I finished up Eddie's bracelet. Friendship bracelets are so in right now. I added the pirate charm to signify us, the 2012 culinary pirate crew. Hah.

I headed to my workplace to request a few days and made the jump - $10.99 Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream. I chose brown butter almond brittle over salty caramel for the goodies inside. It's very sweet and quite good, but I wouldn't pay this much for it on a regular basis.

I'm a huge fan of loaded ice cream, plus Talenti was on sale too. Their sea salt caramel is my favorite!

Speaking of ice creams, my other favorite is So Delicious Cookie Dough. It's packed with cookie dough balls!

Time to relax before work. I always need a good amount of time to do everything and get pumped. 

To relax, I'll be flipping through some magazines (and books) I got for super cheap at the library. Everything came out to $2.75!

What's your favorite ice cream?
Are you wearing bracelets or any jewelry? I never do!


  1. Oh that So Delicious ice cream sounds really good! I'm tempted to stop at Whole Foods and buy some after work.

  2. I love ice cream,especially cookie dough and strawberry cheesecake... But sea salt caramel sure sounds amazing as well! <3
    I've been wearing a bracelet ALL the time until two days ago... It broke! :(

  3. I try to buy expensive ice cream - that way I eat it more slowly and less often!

    1. Agreed! I do the same thing! Or hope so...