Friday, August 24, 2012

Rest day Friday Five

1. I'm listening to
fun.'s "Some Nights" is perfect for my mood and the book I'm reading (see below)? I'm not sure how to categorize this group.

2. I'm reading
The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, which got rave reviews by so many people and I can't put it down either. I'm sad I have to work and that it's not a rainy enough day for me to snuggle with tea and a book. Actually I will anyways...


Plus, greener skincare. This whole blog is amazing with fun DIYs and projects she embarks on. I can use all the skincare advice in the world. I own some of this stuff too!

3. I'm lusting after
Reebok CrossFit Nano, either the first or second one. They are ridiculous expensive at about $100!

Not sure which color, but I've never had green shoes.

4. I'm wishing
That I finished traffic school already. I finished it in an hour! I wasn't supposed to work yesterday and finish it up, but I worked and played after. Today is my rest day and will include, yes, online traffic school.

5. I'm drooling
I want to make this! One of my college acquaintances got a new place and used this tutorial and I immediately wanted to make it.

And on a more foodie side of things, dried pears. I don't like pears much but I heard about dried Bartlett pears at Trader Joe's and haven't found them yet! It exists!

What are you reading? I need suggestions?
Have you tried Trader Joe's dried Bartlett pears?
Any reviews on Reeboks? I've never worn them for working out.

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  1. I live in canada and its impossible to find decent cross trainers or running shoes her for under 100 bucks unless theyre on crazy good sale, but i uave to agree those shoes look purdu