Friday, August 3, 2012

Your hug fixes everything.

Yesterday's lunch

... and today's lunch was one in the same: cauliflower with Walden Farms' balsamic vinegarette + Trader Joe's spicy jalapeno chicken sausage. It was good, seriously.

Plus, a pint of my favorite ice cream ever since I mentioned it yesterday.

And then it was off to some fun at work. We got two new girls and they were game for our funny pictures.

Thanks Marshall Jeff for taking our picture. He is part of the Knott's pie eating contest and I guess he spent his day at the fair before coming back for his stuff.

We also folded napkins.

Other highlights
  • No band so my girls went up and performed "Call Me Maybe." People were entertained and they were filmed by strangers.
  • We got to silly string and eat a chocolate cake for a birthday.
  • I will soon be in love with a stripper. That's what our sound guy wants to do post-fair.
  • By the end of the night, I warmed up to the newbies. Also because they weren't successful at stepping on my/our turf. Uh, I'm territorial.
  • I got a hug...
  • Source: via Julie on Pinterest

How did I not know about this until today?!

Okay okay, now I have to figure out what to do tomorrow for my 11 hour day of work. Coffee will be need obviously.

Are you a hugger? I'm not until I get a few drinks in me! I like my space, but I'll take a hug if you give it to me.


  1. "I will soon be in love with a stripper."

    That's how you know it'll be an interesting weekend!

    1. Haha. A friend says he wants to be a stripper.

  2. Is that just plain cauliflower?? I will need to try that instead of rice?!