Monday, August 20, 2012

MIMM: Food & fashion deals!

I slept so well... that I slept in and just went to PiYo. I have never only gone to PiYo. Usually, I just go to the TurboKick class before or do both. I was hoping to be fresh and see how sweaty PiYo really gets me.

I was all good and dandy with the yoga moves and the plyometrics, but the Pilates portion was killer, especially on my inner thighs.

Something like this...

After work, I swung by Mother's Market and got some great deals!

Trader Joe's was next. I needed some more Power to the Greens.

While I was there, I stopped by Van's...

And came out with a new bag and wallet. They don't match.

It's okay, I get 40% off and I'm due for a big girl bag. My yellow fabric bag bit the dust after 2+ years and the swan graphic wristlet will now be a makeup bag. Except I don't have makeup.

Also, I'm so glad I made a big batch of iced green tea with ginger and mint to drink throughout the day on the account of Jillian Michaels' podcast. It's a great refreshing especially with the mint!

I have a little time to relax till work. We have to move things around today. Oh yay... not.

What kind of purse and wallet do you have? Do you shell out a lot of money for them?
How often do you do Pilates?


  1. I love the new purse and wallet! Super cute!

    I hope you have a wonderful week love!

  2. I switch between a big coach tote I got for $70% off and a big black tote that I got for free at a convention. :D

    1. A few years ago, I bought Coach bag with the logo emblazoned everywhere and got sick of it quick so now I go for simpler.

    2. I need bags to switch between too!

  3. I love the new wallet! I just found your blog through PB Fingers. I am excited for your journey to become an RD! I'm finishing up my last bit of school and then I'll be applying for dietetic internships. Ah! Are you in a coordinated master's program? It's nice to meet a fellow RD to be!

  4. i always have such aspirations of carrying a "big girl" wallet and purse and doing pilates / yoga. I manage both about once a week! lately i have been managing to slather on some make-up but that's not a regular thing, either! those purses are awesome, though!