Wednesday, August 15, 2012

WIAW and our "Call Me Maybe" video!

I had energy. I didn't even work out yesterday because I chose sleep. Still, I was excited to go to work. Tear down is not exciting, but I have lots of great co-workers and new eye candy. :)

I admit that my job is not as difficult as others. I wasn't there from 7 A.M. after working till 12 A.M. the night before. I wasn't there later than 7 P.M. either.

And the woman who made the best of show vegan lasagna made us a whole pan of it plus some mini vegan banana cupcakes. I saw her on Sunday and told her I heard she made an amazing lasagna but didn't get to try any. It was the best lasagna I've ever had... and I never eat lasagna.

She's amazing and has recipes up around the web - I can't wait to try them!

My quinoa came home with me and I made sushi with quinoa instead of rice. In my roll: quinoa, avocado, goat cheese, black beans, and shrimp. Weirdest sushi ever for lunch tomorrow.

Breakfast: apple pie protein pancake

Dinner: cake batter protein shake

Reading material: my boss' cookbook

Another verse shot:

6 hours today was much tougher than 8 hours yesterday. We were quick and got off early but not without bumps and bruises.

I went in half washed - I rinsed my body but left my hair sweaty from 24 SET.

Did you hear that? I went to 24 SET. It's not my favorite, but sometimes I do like it.

I dropped the weights sometimes when we did cardio moves - she goes too fast for me to do anything properly with weights. Her "lunges" were half lunges if I tried coordinate the weights in my hands too.

I got a good bicep and tricep workout particularly. My legs always do okay.

After work, I had corn with Frank's hot sauce and lemon, and a protein-packed pina colada, a recipe from Oxygen Magazine.

One last scene shot before I decided to make our video.

It only took 3 hours or so to learn how to use iMovie and put our video together. This is the rough cut of it because I'd like to add more dancing and other people instead of what I have right now.

In other news, my eye candy was no fun today. He's hanging out with some other girls closer to his age. Sigh, I must find guys my age and not... 21 because I did say my age range is 22-30 and freshly 21 doesn't count.

Have you ever made a spoof video?
If you did, what song would you want to do? We did "Call Me Maybe" because we heard this everyday and well, we're not quite original. It seems everyone needs a "Call Me Maybe" video right?

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