Monday, August 13, 2012

MIMM: Last day/Don't cry. Smile.

Even though I bought eos honeydew the other day, I can't get enough of the coconutty chocolate scent of the free Luna bar lip balm I received at work. :) I'm definitely a chocolate > fruit girl.

More kombucha today. I needed to calm down and thought this would help. Tip: do not shake your kombucha. Who knew that? The hibiscus has more pulp than the Trilogy kombucha.

When I got to work, I saw Ken, the cart service lead, dancing.

Ken, I need a cart and... your bottom stays down when you're trying to moonwalk. Too bad I took a photo instead of a video...

The Great Dane Baking Company made cakes. They're pretty but not very delicious. I took home two, the Tiffany's blue box...

And the seashell cake. I'm having my mom take it to work because I'm not eating it. I am tempted to cut into it though.

What is delicious is Three Hearts Bake Shop's cookies. The cookie lady Mel made me this one. :)

And I scored two of their goodies: a brown butter treat and a salty caramel bar. They are to die for. The brown butter treat is made with browned butter and sea salt, and it's not cooked as long as usual to keep it chewy.

A few last night pictures with our favorite cart guy, Adam. We gave him a blue ribbon. He's working with us crazies on teardown. :)

The saddest part of the night and one that will hit me straight in my heart later is... the last time we may ever see our sound guy, Dominic. It was great to meet him.

Today's necessary quote:
Source: via Julie on Pinterest

Are you a chocolate or a fruit person?
Have you tried kombucha? Do you like it?
What's your favorite dessert? I used to love cakes and hate cookies but I'm the opposite now!


  1. Mhm, salted caramel! I love salty/sweet combos.

    1. Surprisingly, the brown butter treat is more sweet/salty than the salty caramel. The caramel overtakes the saltiness.

  2. Lara bar lip balm? Where can I find this?! :D

    1. I got the Luna bar lip balm for free because my work helps promote them. I haven't seen it anywhere in stores yet.

  3. Oh my gosh...Luna Bar chapstick?! I think I just died. haha. That's amazing! Where did you find it?
    And I love GT's Kombucha. It's an expensive addiction but it's worth it. My favorites are Gingerade, Multi-Green, and Trilogy. I've never tried the Hibiscus though!

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    2. I want to try lavender too!

  4. Luna lip balm? And in my favorite flavor?? So jealous!:) Agreed, Kombucha is amazing