Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wake up & be awesome with yoga & books

Today's mantra and maybe my new mantra for everyday:

Pumpkin chia pudding I made yesterday. Leftovers for tomorrow.

First up, yoga. Even though it's at the gym, this particular instructor is awesome. I broke out a drippy sweat.

Something to do daily and goes with my mantra! :)

I was so proud of myself for getting my to-do list done. It was short: go to the fingerprinting place and library.

Working out wears down my already light fingerprints so it took a few tries. Now all that is left to do is copy my exam scores (forgot this one yesterday) and print out a coversheet.

The library accidentally put 2 books away without scanning them in so I found them on the shelves and bought some books.

Library used book stores are the best ever. I grabbed the latest issue of Self Magazine for 50 cents and 3 books for $1 each. Most of which are on my list of to-reads: The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks (this will be first!), A Walk in the Woods (love Bill Bryson!), and Hypocrite in a Pouffy White Dress (to keep it light).

I got so excited that I drove to another library nearby to buy The Yiddish Policemen's Union and the Ryan Lochte issue of Vogue. He's sizzling. :)

Now I have a great stack of books to get through the rest of this year. Maybe.

I have 2 books per month on my agenda which I plan to read 1 hour before bed.

Since school is starting back up - staff day is Monday! - I have to start studying for my CTEL exam. One of the good things is that my soon-to-be preliminary credential will be valid for 5 years! My North Carolina credential runs out next June. Still, the exam will get me a job or at least make me qualified for most jobs.

I got home by noon, with a trip to Whole Foods in the bag too, and showered and lunched. I was so hungry!

My one Whole Foods purchase with a coupon, my favorite almond butter.

Gardenburger black bean chipotle veggie burger + Sabra roasted red pepper hummus + greens

I was still hungry so I had a Nature's Path hemp waffle with some of the almond butter.

Something to talk about: this little chart from Shape Magazine. I can see this being true.

I definitely find weight lifting and circuit training hot in both men and women... even though I take classes. Yoga is also a winner. What do you think is hottest workout for women?

Time to watch "MasterChef" and read before napping for work.

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