Tuesday, August 7, 2012

WIAW: Corn & quinoa

Corn is my top summer staple. How do you eat your corn? I like mine with lemon/lime juice and hot sauce. So spicy yet so good.

When I went to Total Wine & More yesterday, I was stumped for an hour. I took pictures to send to my friend Peter.

I look like such a creeper in the back there. :/

I couldn't keep much down, but I ate half a caprese salad for lunch at work.

...and an Amy's Southwestern burrito for dinner when I felt better.

Another big staple is quinoa. One of my co-workers has been splurging on a quinoa salad at Bristol Farms and I'm hoping to recreate it.

I haven't picked up a magazine in forever. They're so expensive on newstands, but I splurged and went for my favorite, Glamour.

How do you eat quinoa? 
How often do you buy magazines/which is your favorite?


  1. Hi Julie, Happy WIAW. I eat my corn with lemon pepper. :-)