Friday, August 24, 2012

A lesson a day

What I learned today:

Jump roping to music helps. I did it to pop music but you can do it to the "Rocky" theme song.

If my triceps are a little sore, it's easier to work them again. Uh, not sure if this is ideal though but it's not like I'm killing my tris here.

I hate a love-hate relationship with lying close-grip barbell tricep extensions. What a mouthful. When they work, they work. When it hurts my wrists/forearms, it hurts.

I need to get into a strength training groove.

"Dance Again" is my new favorite dance song. We danced to it in Zumba last Saturday.

Guess who I met up with today? Clue:

Yep, those sillies. The plan was to go to Wahoo's with our free meal coupons and then play The County Fair game, the prize Eddie got for winning the Golden Orange Award. :)

My "lunch" at 10:30 A.M. since I had breakfast at 7:15 and BodyPumped early. It's a sushi roll with hummus, half a soy chicken breast, greens, and avocado.

Lavender kombucha made me sleepier...

1/2 of this bar to keep me satisfied.

Some time before meeting up with everyone so I got Only 8 frozen yogurt from CdM Yogurt and read a little.

I picked up the girls, we ate (I had shrimp taco wraps - lettuce only), and we shopped for awhile. Check out this awesome find at Victoria's Secret. So us!

And we played the game.

Eddie brought his cute nephew.

The game was much better than I expected and somewhat complex.

Stacy and I won! :)

We ended up shopping more and heading back to Eddie's house to hang out.

I've been up and out since 7 A.M. so it's time to get to bed and stay there. Sleeping in tomorrow!

What's your favorite board game?
What did you learn today?

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