Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Team Lochte & the emotion of excitement

I don't cry often. I do cry during some touching parts in movies but not in real life. The Olympics, somewhere between reality and fantasy, always make me tear up.

Tonight I tuned in for two of my favorite events:

The women's gymnastic team event... wish I could do anything they do! Two of the girls are from Southern California!

And the men's relay.

Okay, I could care less if this is #19 for Phelps. I really just love Ryan Lochte and have since the last Olympic games.

These guys are hot. Not to discount Phelps' swimming abilities...

The Olympics are exciting yet super emotional.

*The commentator on NBC had a wonderful quote about emotions by the way. He said that we give the name of the emotions we feel. I can name a feeling as anxiety, fear, or excitement and that is what it is to me. Hrm.

Well, I get excited, both good and bad, easily. This morning, I was excited to discover we have a waffle iron!

It's nothing fancy but made me TIU protein waffles... I won't be making those again. The iron started to whir and whiz and freaked me out before I took them out early. They resemble and taste similar to the pancakes, which is just a much easier and tastier route.

I got gas before work. $50 doesn't fill up my tank at $3.67 per gallon.

After work of moving tables around, I got off early and didn't have to go to my other job. This wasn't the case - I was double scheduled until I got someone to cover my shift but only after I asked to get off early.

I came home for a nap before heading to TurboKick. Gah, it was a frustrating class. The floor was slippery and the room is huge so I couldn't hear or see the instructor on the day she puts together a new set. :(

I intended on staying for BodyPump but was so down in the dumps.

When I got home, I watched the Olympics and made a super simple peanut butter & jelly protein bar from Dashing Dish.

Pretty delicious for a protein bar with just eggs, PB2, and protein powder.

And if you can't get enough Ryan Lochte like me, watch these:

What's your favorite Olympic athlete/event?

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  1. Do you like PB2? I've been seeing it in a ton of recipes, but never really considered it until it showed up at my Whole Foods.