Sunday, August 12, 2012

Second 11 hours

Sunglasses make me look tougher than I am. People listened to me at work.

I tried kombucha for the first time. I didn't get the euphoric feeling my boss was telling me about, but this was delish.

Stop at Nekter Juice Bar for The Greenie...

And lunch at Mother's. Their menu is gorgeous.

I ate half the Hawaiian chicken sandwich on gluten-free bread, without veganaise.

I bought cookies for my buddies at work, made by Three Hearts Bake Shop.

Eddie's last full day. Here he is with Dominic.

With Cayla.

Let's just take a picture with all of us!

That's what we do at work in addition to work.

Today is the end of my second 11 hour day - more if you count the driving. I'm still alive, but once I go to bed, I'll be done for.

I have nothing pressing tomorrow morning (working out on my own) so no need to wake up at any particular time.

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  1. Ick, totally can't get into kombucha. Maybe I'll have to try that particular one...