Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Oh How Pinteresting: Keepin' it short & sweet

This week's pins are lacking. Maybe I haven't found too many good ones, but the ones I found are fantastic!

This is my dream kitchen. I love the colors and I love the dining space. Green + blue + orange are my dream kitchen colors!

The outside - wouldn't kick this to the curb.

More realistic but still cute.

And if I ever lived in New York, I'd have to live like this.

If I get time, I need to fix my fingernails and do this. Maybe Thursday.

More lifting to look like this...
Source: oxygenmag.com via Julie on Pinterest

I'm adding a few from my tumblr too!

I love the different shapes. So real.


Can't wait for more "New Girl!"

The Franco boys, I love them.

Who's your fitness role model?
Which celebrities do you love?

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  1. hi! stopping by from the linkup! I LOVE the franco boys!!! did you see little franco in Scrubs? he was SO funny! come by messydirtyhair.com & say hi!