Tuesday, August 21, 2012

WIAW: Now & then

 I pack food but I never end up packing enough. When I came home last night, I had a small last meal of 2 hard boiled egg whites and a Laughing Cow cheese.

I love eggs. That's a huge change from before - I hated eggs and all breakfast foods. Now I'm a lover not a hater. :)

Breakfast was a strange bowl of pumpkin spice pancakes/mess. I used a pumpkin spice protein pancake recipe without oats. Essentially, it was the TIU protein pancake with pumpkin instead of bananas.

I wanted to go to both step 'n sculpt and BodyPump today but chose BodyPump because it was at 10:30 instead of 9:30. Yep, that's the deal breaker. But I promised myself step 'n sculpt next week since I won't be able to take it after.

The only downer of taking BodyPump today is that I have to fit in some cardio. I think it'll be a nice warm-up bike to the gym and maybe sprints once I get there. I like sprints much more than running.

I jump roped instead. Okay, maybe I should stick to jumping rope at home till I get better at it. I can only do 30 seconds straight. Barely. I maybe did 5 minutes and was dripping in sweat.

BodyPump was hard today. I added weight last week on squats and died today. I went with a tad more on triceps and could barely do it. That's okay though. The biggest problem is making sure I'm working my bum out with squats and not my back. Sometimes it happens if I get lazy or my legs get too shaky.

The scales at the gym and home say... I've lost 5 pounds. It's hard to see it on myself. I'm hoping this means my hormones are balanced, I'm eating enough, and I'm on my way back to a healthier shape.

I add some chocolate at night just in case I didn't eat enough calories. madecasse chocolate is so smooth. I had the exotic pepper flavor and loved that it wasn't overpowering.

I bought 2 more since I got a 2 for 1 deal + Newman's Own mocha milk chocolate for $1. I had to head to Kinko's for copies anyways. :)

Sample of the only Larabar I've ever liked.

Look what's coming soon! I've heard about it but never have had it.

Gardenburger Black Bean Chipotle veggie burger + Laughing Cow cream cheese + green leaf lettuce

A bit more of the lemon coconut cake from yesterday. I love coconut so much now that it's crazy to think I never liked it.

Pre-work snack

Quinoa & sweet potato chili (without black beans) over Power to the Greens at work.

A fresh peach and some almond butter to round out the day. I need some peach recipes because it's stone fruit season now!

The rest of my night after a good day at work: random yoga moves in the room, some Hulu ("Dating Rules for My Future Self") and internet browsing, and reading at 10:30 till bed.

Oh yeah, I need to finish traffic school online by THURSDAY! Make me accountable!

Have you ever had to go to traffic school?
What's your favorite Larabar flavor?


  1. Happy WIAW! I love eggs too. :-)

  2. Coconut and I go through phases... First,I loved it,until I ate too many coconut macaroons from my mom and well... I saw them twice in the end. Not so pretty. After this experience,I hated coconut for almost ten years. Now,I love it again... Haha,I'd like some of that cake,it looks delicious! ;)

    1. Coconut macaroons are too much coconut for me!

  3. Never been to traffic school, but I know people who have! I don't really like Larabars, but the banana bread flavor is ok :)

  4. Just seeing the picture of that cake is making my mouth water...Yum!!

  5. The first couple of times I tried Larabars I didn't really like them, but now I'm OBSESSED and eat one a day. Have you tried the chocolate chip cookie dough or peanut butter chocolate chip? They're like dessert bars!