Sunday, August 26, 2012

Settle down? It's Saturday!

I should've known this was No Doubt.

I've settled down since my crazy days, but I'm trying to rile my life up a little bit. To have more fun, to go out with friends, and to interact with humans. :)

Work first. 6 days in a row. Today will be #7. At least it's only 3 hours...

I made a pumpkin pie milkshake that was so good I need more pumpkin & cottage cheese now.

I got my bulu box. It wasn't as exciting as I hoped. The only thing I'm super excited about is the Click protein powder.

After work, I went out with my co-worker and her family (her cousin and brother pictured here).

We went out to Hurricane's in downtown Huntington Beach. Downtown HB has lots of bros (I don't know how to explain it if you don't know), but this place was okay. There was a mix of older and younger people. We danced for a few hours and got nice and sweaty. I definitely had a grand time. :)

Then they wanted Del Taco. I resisted and came home for guac and seaweed. Wow, I'm a trooper even after a few drinks (whiskey shot, Jager shot, beer, and shared Sex on the Beach).

Off to work then some resting for the start to my 2nd year at the high school! :) 

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