Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday's Letters: One last hurrah


Dear co-workers, Thanks for all the awesome shots today. I can't wait to put this video together.

This has nothing to do with the video, but the picture is fun.

Dear GarageBand, How do you work? I feel old and incompetent.

Dear work, We get along better as the week progresses. I will likely cry on Sunday. Thank goodness our buddy Adam will stay with us for tear down.

Three Hearts Bake Shop came and made these cookies!

Dear Ray, I'm so glad you rode the shuttle too. I'm sick of talking to the other girl.

Dear other job, I'm sick of you too. The only reason I work here is because it's convenient. I'm not happy about working both Friday and Saturday mornings before going to work at night.

Dear Meg, I loved your photo an hour so much I'm doing it tomorrow. For now, I've got these to share:


Returning books

I want this salt & pepper shaker from Target.

How do you use GarageBand? Or do you use something else to edit videos?


  1. Found your blog on the link up, super cute!!


  2. Did you like that Jillian Michaels book? It got mixed reviews on Amazon, but I'm curious.

    1. I liked it more than other books of this type.