Wednesday, August 29, 2012

WIAW: Last call August

Another early morning. At least we didn't spend it in a meeting all morning. I helped with paperwork and then walked around for a bit.

School starts for the kids and I tomorrow. I'm excited about the new year and hope I get to see all my wonderful now sophomores and seniors. I've always loved juniors - wonder if I'll like them now that they're top dogs.

I'm itching to buy school supplies but alas, I don't need any. :/

I ate off a paper plate today. Classy.

Fitnessista's breakfast cookie was amazing this morning. Sadly, I broke it before the picture.

*Whenever I workout later in the day or have a rest day, I eat oatmeal for breakfast. Otherwise, I have something with eggs.

I got hungry at work and ate half a peanut butter cookie Larabar.

Some of my groceries for the week from Trader Joe's. My protein is purchased elsewhere.

It held me over just enough till I got home and immediately made a chicken quesadilla on a Flatout. I used the leftover rotisserie chicken breast with 2 wedges of Laughing Cow queso fresco and chipotle. To help out the Flatout, I grilled it for a little. *Microwaving the Flatout makes it hard.

I took a nap between work and more work, and drank the other half of my apple pie protein shake.

I prepped a salad with more leftover chicken and avocado for dinner.

And it's off to work. I'm thinking I can get some yoga at home in afterwards, watch "MasterChef," and read tonight - I'm abandoning my computer for the night!

Have you eaten Flatouts? What is your favorite way to eat them?
How do you unplug?


  1. Everything looks delicious girl. Hope you had a wonderul night at work :)

  2. i love string cheese! but i cant get it anywhere here, can u believe it? so sad. Happy wiaw to you!