Wednesday, March 21, 2012

WIAW & Two A Days (LiveFit Day 38)

My eats today were a bit unusual... like the rest of my day.

I started with yoga and making up the incline bench press from yesterday. I didn't quite have enough time to workout and shower so yoga was a good option since I didn't need to shower.

I should have though. I was a bit sweaty.

I had a turkey wrap for lunch then picked up a slice of whole wheat pizza (with pineapple and jalapenos) for my afternoon meal.

Walking around at work helped me digest the food so I could head to the gym for legs afterwards. Otherwise, if I eat a meal at 5:30 or 6, my stomach doesn't recover.

I did have a little soy chicken though. That was okay.

Though I almost didn't go. Except I ate frozen yogurt, sugar-free low-carb chocolate mint and some peanut butter. Icicles Frozen Yogurt has the best peanut butter and the most amazing low-cal chocolate mint.

I've followed the LiveFit plan for 37 days and was okay with missing one measly day, especially since I would just make today my "rest day." But that frozen yogurt got me going and since I had to return a movie nearby, I just stopped in.

I did 5 minutes of cardio before and after the workout.

I haven't worked out at night in forever. Lots of guys. I wore my brand new Under Armor "I *heart* Two A Days" shirt I picked up this morning from TJ Maxx for $9.99.

LiveFit Day 38: legs!
  • Leg extension: 50# x 20 x 2
  • Wide stance barbell squat: 45# x 15 x 2
  • Seated squat press: 270# x 10 x 3
  • Leg press: 170# x 10 x 4
  • Walking barbell lunge: 55# x 15 x 3
  • Barbell step-ups: 27.5# x 10 x 3 with medium step!
  • Plies dumbbell squat: 27.5# x 15 x 3
  • Standing calf raise: 90# x 10 x 3
  • Leg press calf raise: N/A
  • Cardio: 5 minutes bike, 5 minutes run (7.5 minutes bike in A.M.)
2 instances: Do I look so strong?
As I was setting up for my walking lunges and had successfully cleaned-and-pressed 55 pounds, a guy asked me to spot him on the bench press. He was stuck. Uh, sure. Thanks for thinking I was able. Actually, another guy saw my confusion and came over to help. Hah, oh well. :)

Then I saw one of my former high school classmates. I saw him there one morning so now he thinks I really do two a days. I guess so since today included some A.M. yoga.

But in all honesty, I was a two a day girl. I was obsessed with the gym. I wouldn't even call what I did two a days - more like 5-6 hours a day split into 2 sessions. I was just bored that summer and it became a habit, but it's clear now that I had exercise bulimia.

My post-workout eat was the last of my Fage 0% yogurt with Love Crunch carrot cake granola mixed in.

Then I had some pretzel sticks with a bit of peanut butter as well. That's what happens when I don't eat quite enough during the day. :(

What do you eat pre-workout?
What are some of your favorite post-workout snacks?
Have you ever done two a days? Why?


  1. -Pre workout it depends on what time Im going. If it is mid morning then I have my breakfast and get myself going. If I go at night then it is after dinner. Usually it is after a meal so that I have enough energy to get through the workout.
    -post workout it also depends on the day lol.If I worked out in the morning then when I come home it is a protein smoothie. If it is the afternoon then I tend to have dinner after rather then the smoothie. If I workout at night I keep it light because I do not want anything to upset my stomach.
    -I have never done two a days when i went to the gym in the morning then at night but I have done where I have done a yoga and Pilates dvd then later when to the gym at night. Or went to the gym in the morning then went for a walk on the boardwalk at night.
    I do it because I like it. I like my gym workout so I want that but Yoga or a nice walk really relaxes me so I like to fit those in as well. I think some of it comes from the fact that I see just Yoga or just walking is not enough of a workout so I need something better and those are more leisure activities.

    1. How long do you give yourself to digest before working out?

      I totally agree. I'll do yoga but always need something else.