Sunday, March 18, 2012

Winded (LiveFit Week 5 Recap)

Wind speeds hit 30 mph and I was almost blown away as I carried some flat boxes.

Without an alarm, I was up at 8 A.M. It took me an hour to get out of bed for a simple breakfast: 1/2 c cottage cheese with strawberries and 1/2 banana.

Then I went to the Japanese market and Mother's Market before I got hungry again. I decided to head home to make Joy the Baker's whole wheat honey and goat cheese drop biscuits.

I picked up beef for "lunch" and made a faux pho.

Mom and I also perused Costco. It was packed!

We all sat around the house till I started baking more and preparing meals for the next few days.

I made Dr. Oz's peanut butter oatmeal cookies, without sugar!

I have a couple of long days coming up so I made yogurt-marinated chicken, hard boiled eggs, and cooked up veggie sausage.

After yesterday's workout, I needed a rest day. I wasn't feeling extremely well, probably because of the weather. The weather didn't get tons better but at least no rain. Sunshine and walking around made me feel better.

LiveFit Week 5 Recap
Tomorrow begins LiveFit Day 36. 5 weeks down! Wow. I'm amazed everyday at how long I've held on. I'm pretty good at completing workouts though.

Adding cardio was scary the first couple of days. I did TurboKick on Monday and the elliptical on Tuesday but changed it up with the stairs climber and running. I split cardio between the two to keep it interesting. Surprisingly, I enjoyed running! What?

I felt sore all week. This was the same as last time, but the soreness subsided on repeat weeks.

I liked working out in the afternoon for leg day when I can. I just needed some coffee to get me pumped.

Workouts ended up being longer, but I'm okay with that. I liked sweating it out but being limited to 30 minutes.

Part of my enjoyment was because I tried a new gym. Unfortunately, I will not be using it this week. The gym was great especially for shoulders and chest and arms. I prefer my usual gym for legs because though I like loading machines, it's A LOT of work. I'm also excited to see the A.M. gym regulars. Though the crowd and fewer machines is not so awesome.

Tomorrow is back day and I'll remember to do pull-ups later then TurboKick. After 2 years of TurboKick, I have to admit that I like not doing it as much. Some of my pain has been alleviated.

I would like to get in some yoga, especially on Sundays. Because of this video. Amazing body, amazing practice.

And then I got sucked into "Celebrity Apprentice." Woops.

How do you deal with windy days?
Does your body know when seasons start changing?

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