Thursday, March 29, 2012

Waffles & Iron (LiveFit Day 46)

All these waffle posts from WIAW made me waffle-hungry! I've been eating oats for weeks on end with two egg whites for breakfast. And since none of our bananas were ripe and I can a container of going-bad (or already bad?) yogurt in the fridge, I decided to make something like Kath's breakfast.

Eros Greek yogurt is new to me and I liked it. It had the perfect consistency for my waffles.

I topped one off with Crofter's organic superfruit preserves and the other with Trader Joe's fig butter. I need to use these up - I've had them forever and have just a bit left in each one.

Totally satisfied.

Speaking of WIAW, I love reading the posts for ideas! I want to find a British tea house. We had one in Asheville, but I never went before I left.

Afterwards, I had some time so my computer and I headed to The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. I definitely like them more than Peet's (gross) and Starbucks. Maybe it's the font they use. Seriously.

I drank an entire small coffee and while at work, I started having hot flashes. Okay, maybe not hot flashes but was I warm and sweaty. Everyone else had coats on. I also found myself jittery as I wrote. That does not happen.

After work, I was set to go to the gym. No stops, just go.

I'm glad I did. Today is shoulder day (LiveFit Day 46) and it was fun... at least until cardio.

Great improvements especially with the Arnold dumbbell press. I even included the forgotten reverse crunch from yesterday... and I added a column with my old weights. 

Ugh, then cardio. I did fine on the elliptical machine. It wasn't one with the adjustable incline that's more up and down. This machine is more of a glider. Then I tried my hand at 10 minutes on the bike - so tiring. I need to challenge myself more with the adjustable incline elliptical.

I bought already-ripe bananas and came home for a mini meal of green beans and chicken and then the other half of my Eros yogurt. More to come as I get hungrier...

P.S. Does anyone else use Blogger? I tried to switch over to WordPress, but I may be the only person who doesn't like it. It's pretty limited in what you can do for free. Anyways, they've installed a new posting format that is so much cleaner.

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