Saturday, March 24, 2012

Love/hate jeans

Jeans. Sigh. This has always been my measure of thinness. At my lowest, I could barely fit into size 5. My goal initially was a size 9, which was huge. All my friends wore size 1s!

I do not look like this.

Source: via Casie on Pinterest

Or even like this.

And not until now, as I'm getting older and talking to older people do I realize that all along there's a discrepancy between juniors and woman sizes. Call me stupid.

Where I am now isn't desirable, but it's given me perspective. A 5 in juniors was teeny. I'm many sizes above that now, but I'm not big compared to anyone I know. I just didn't realize it.

Today is the first time I've worn jeans in over a year. I didn't want to buy any after I gained weight. I also didn't want to accept that my body didn't like being so small. I tugged, I cried.

These jeans are old, saved from my bigger days. They're a little loose in the waist but tighter in the leg - always the problem with jeans.

I never fit into jeans properly anyways - my legs are thicker than my waist and I always want the junior style jeans that rise too low.

But I see this as good. I fit into feeling jeans! I didn't have to buy any, and no, I didn't freak out. I'm proud of myself. All progress has not been lost.

I'm more like this.


  1. Jeans are evil.
    I've been a size 9 since I was 15 or 16. I think was 13 the last time I wore a size 5, and I'm by no means overweight. The biggest size I've been was an 11, but that was for a short time.
    And I have the same problem. Good in the leg/butt, but waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too loose in the waist. Like c'mon jean companies! We're not ALL rectangles! Get with the program!

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