Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Trodding along (LiveFit Day 29)

Oh no, late post! I took a lovely 2 hour nap after work and woke up with the sun still shining.

Thankfully I'm still tired.

I only slept 6 or so hours last night, which isn't quite enough. I went to the gym for the first day of LiveFit Phase 2.

Day 29. No printout today. :/
  • Wide-grip overhand pull-ups: assisted 80# all
  • Bent-over barbell row: 45# all
  • Seated cable row: 80#, 80#, 70#
  • Wide-grip lat pulldown: 50#, 50#, 37.5#
  • Hammer strength lat puldown: 70# all
  • Hyperextension: 10# all
  • Cardio: 40 minutes TurboKick
A bad workout is still a workout. Yep, that's what I'm quoting today. I started with assisted pull-ups and it killed my strength for the rest of the workout. Tough stuff.

Everything else was just okay. I tried to make up for it with my cardio. Instead of a machine, I did 40 minutes of TurboKick and left early to get in a good shower.

I'm hoping more sleep will help with tomorrow's workout as will the excitement of trying out a new gym.

I checked out Gold's Gym after work. It's just 2 blocks from work so I would workout and shower before going to work. I never shower at my gym now but have showered at my cleaner gym in NC. I asked for a tour and checked out the ladies' locker room. I found it cleaner, with lots of machines, and far less people. Granted, it was 3 P.M. on a Monday.

Post nap was dinner: shrimp over romaine with onions and peppers.

Lots of shrimp was consumed today! My cousin made me spicy shrimp for lunch, which I combined with spinach and ate with a toothpick (couldn't find a fork!).

Then I packed all my meals for tomorrow the started working on crossword puzzles.

I made 2 big purchases today. I got the Gold's Gym Groupon. $189 for a year to the one gym because each Gold's is owned by a franchisee.

The other item I bought was Sunwarrior Warrior Blend protein powder via OpenSky. I've been meaning to try it for a long time. Free shipping and I got another $7 credit (up to $14!)... except I have nothing to buy that's enough to use it.


Though apparently, the warrior blend tastes more sawdusty. Any suggestions?

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